About us

Hoodcanalwines.com is known to produce quality wine from premium grapes. We are known to produce top quality red and white wine.Our company is known to pack wines in premium packaging inside of beautifully made decanters, thus you can also gift them on various occasions. Wines produced by our experts are rich in antioxidants and polyphenolsthus they are good for health.

Our aim

  • To provide the best wine to our customers and give them a great savory taste.
  • To become the number one manufacturer in wine making.

Why choose us?

Types of red wines

Our experts are known to produce Syrah wine with a great deal of aromas and keep the wine inside of a wooden barrel to preserve its original taste. Most of the red grapes are handpicked by experts from our vineyard and prepared with great care. This wine is very special as it is spicy in taste and can be used along meals.

We also provide aged Cabernet Sauvignon which is made up of merlot as well as cabernet franc. The blended taste of this wine is ephemeral. Our experts age the wine inside of a cellar, away from daylight and high temperature change.

White wines

Hoodcanalwines.com is well known to produce Chardonnay white wine. We further provide two more types of Chardonnay; one is sparkling and other still. The wine goes well with fish and meat dishes and it provides a velvety taste. Our experts also use several other flavoring agents like lemon peel and grapefruit to add texture to the wine.

Professionals of Hoodcanalwines.com also produce best quality Riesling wine. This is very hard in taste and you can take it with pork or chicken dishes. Our wine is further known for its slightly acidic and sweet taste. We also provide aged wine which has more exotic taste and you can use it on special occasions to impress your guests.